Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Trust You

There is a song out right now that is just amazing. It's called I Trust You by James Fortune. I've really needed to be reminded lately to trust the Lord. Chase has had some feeding and tummy troubles....which is hard on all of us. I think every mother has dreams of sweet cuddling times, happy feedings, and a feeling of utopia before your baby is born. ......not dreams of fussy feedings, gas pains, and watching your sweet pea in pain. When everything is not as you dreamed, you question why the Lord allowed this to happen...or at least I have. But, as always, God has been faithful and is helping Chase feel better and helping us trust Him. He's just that way. He takes a difficult situation and always makes something good come out of it. Why do I ever doubt Him? That's why this song is my life right now. Listen to it if you get a chance. It's the song on my myspace page and more importantly it's the song on my heart.


NHMasters said...

That is so true! It is a really great song! I hope Chase gets better soon! i know it kills you to see him like that but it will pass!! Just keep listening to that song and God will get you through it! He is only making you stronger!

Johnson said...

Both McKenna and Chase had acid reflux. McKenna was on zantac until she was 18 months and Blake was on axid until just last month (praise the Lord). It does get easier on their tummies when they start eating solids. I will keep precious Chase in my prayers! I know first hand how fussy tummy issues can make them!


Naomi said...

Hey Jessica! Found your page through KJohnson's, of course! Your family is beautiful, but I'm so sorry to hear that Chase is having a hard time. Both of my kids had reflux and digestive issues (Ben's was particularly horrible). I know how hard it can be. I have some great resources, if you're interested! Hang in there..

Candystn30 said...

I am praying for baby boy chase and you!!! God will see you through :)

Naomi said...

Hey, Jess, I saw your comment on our blog. The website that saved our lives, literally, is It is a web forum (you post question, people respond) dedicated to infant reflux. It is full of moms who have been right where you are right now. They will offer advice, medical expertise and support. You will find more info there than you will from your doc. I'm on there alot still (bensmama), giving support to other moms. Feel free to email me too!!