Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last day at home with Chase

I've been trying to prepare myself for this day all summer, and I thought I would handle it okay, but I was SOOOO wrong. I'm going back to work tomorrow for the first time since Chase was born (he's 4 months old) and today has been very emotional. I find myself crying over the smallest little things he's done today....... like I'm not going to see him do them anymore- which is a ridiculous thought. I'm going to miss "morning love" most of all. It's been our special time b/c Ryan has usually already gone to work and it's just Chase and me. It's my favorite time of the day. I'm sure many of you experience it with your kids. It's when I go get him when he first wakes up. You know that look they give you when you first pick them up --like they haven't seen you in days--priceless! And then I cover him with lots of hugs and kisses and we sing "This is the day that the Lord has Made" and laugh, laugh, laugh. Ahhhh! My little munchkin has stolen my heart and I'm going to feel lost without him. I hope I can do this!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Trust You

There is a song out right now that is just amazing. It's called I Trust You by James Fortune. I've really needed to be reminded lately to trust the Lord. Chase has had some feeding and tummy troubles....which is hard on all of us. I think every mother has dreams of sweet cuddling times, happy feedings, and a feeling of utopia before your baby is born. ......not dreams of fussy feedings, gas pains, and watching your sweet pea in pain. When everything is not as you dreamed, you question why the Lord allowed this to happen...or at least I have. But, as always, God has been faithful and is helping Chase feel better and helping us trust Him. He's just that way. He takes a difficult situation and always makes something good come out of it. Why do I ever doubt Him? That's why this song is my life right now. Listen to it if you get a chance. It's the song on my myspace page and more importantly it's the song on my heart.

I can't believe I'm doing this!

Blogging is not something that I thought would ever interest me.....although I love viewing my friends blogs, I just though it was something for them. But recently I've been writing a lot in my journal and thought this blogging thing might be fun. So here goes........

ps- Kelly Johnson, please help me "fancy up" my page!